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Sound Advice for New Registry Members

Many of the Robot Battle players are not particularly fond of L337 5P33K or whatever. Normal speech is much preferred - try and use regular text as much as possible.

When posting source code please don't post huge great swathes of code as it it looked down upon on the Registry. Stick to a smallish routine or section of code if you are going to put any code on - the maximum is probably around 60 (?) lines including white space (spaces & line breaks). If the code is too big, upload the Robot [enter how to do this], and post about the robot and what your need help with. Never post whole robots! as this will be looked upon negatively (unless of course it is a very small Tinybot.)

Recently, someone posted a topic saying: Title: help me im new Text: so who can help me?

Then, he posted in a completely unrelated topic: hello im new how do i make robots... ... hello?

If you do this, it is guarenteed to annoy most of the members. Never, ever do this.