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Here is a list of some of the many robot types for all those new to the game.

  • Tinybot: A robot built with a size limit, usually around 500 bytes.
  • Multimode Robot: A robot which radically changes its behaviour during a game. It might be controlled by how much health it has, or a number of other things. See MultiMode 101.
  • Dancing Robot: A non-combat robot designed to be visually appealing.
  • See-Saw Robot: A robot that 'see-saws' back and forth to elude enemy attacks
  • Wall Robot (or WallBot): A robot that stays close to the walls.
  • Corner Robot: A robot that spends most of its time in the corners of the arena.
  • Ram Robot: Rams other robots, usually fires first to gain an energy advantage
  • Odd Robot: Moves in a random pattern to elude other robots
  • Zen Robot: Avoids missles, collects cookies, and uses minimal firing. It wins by waiting for a Time-out, in which the robot with the highest energy wins.