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This tutorial is designed to help you organise and run a contest. It covers both the technical aspects of contest running as well as useful hints and tips for first time contest hosters.

Before you begin

Preparing the contest


Robot Battle Settings

Setting About Suggested contest settings 1.4x Default
Arena Dimensions The width and height of the arena. In some contests where the number of robots in the arena is highly flexable, this can be a formula based on the number of robots in the arena. The normal formula used for AILO style contests is $ x = 368 \times \sqrt{\frac{\mathrm{Robots}}{6}} + 32 $ Where $ x $ is the arena width and height. In contests where there is a fixed number of robots are in the arena any reasonable fixed value should be fine. 400
Inital Heading The starting heading for the match. Either random, or some preset value. Normally, this should be set to random Random
Position and Heading If the position and heading are new each game, or stay the same In order to minimise the effect of random events, you should have this set to new each game New each game
Cease Fire Turns Number of turns before robots can shoot Normally, this is set to zero. 0
Initial Energy The amount of enrgy each robot starts with. This is really up to you. People normally go with between 100 - 200 200
Error handling When a robot has an error either kill it, or let it keep running Again, this is down to you. But bear in mind that buggy robots can slow down running the contest. If you're not sure, set it to kill robots on error. Don't kill on error


Announcing the contest

Running the contest

Publishing Results